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New Loop-Powered


Differential Pressure and Flow




>> Two-wire connection

>> 2% FS accuracy

>> With or without indicators




New loop-powered differential pressure & flow transmitters


Our new two-wire, loop-powered transmitter offers users more flexibility. Because there is no need to bring external power to the unit, installation time and cost are reduced.




Offered on:



>> Differential pressure (with indicator option)

>> Flow (with indicator option)


A 4-20 mA (two wire) output is available for loop-powered installations, which offers the user the most savings in installation. A 0-5 VDC (three or four wire) output also is available as standard. The input voltage is 9-35 VDC.


The transmitters are built on the same pressure body as our high line pressure (to 5,000 psi) gauges and switches. Select from many different pressure ranges (0-5" H2O to 0-1000 psid) and flow ranges (0-1 GPM to 0-10 GPM).


Built for difficult industrial applications, a weatherproof enclosure protects the electronics with Class 1, Div. 1&2, Nema 4X and IP65 ratings. A 7/8" (22 mm) knockout is standard for 1/2" conduit connections.


For more information:

Differential pressure models

Flow models

Electrical specifications (including transmitters)

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