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Orange Research differential pressure gauges are designed to measure the difference in pressure between two points in a system and present the resultant differential pressure directly on a single gauge dial. A magnetic movement allows the simultaneous sensing of both pressures while completely isolating the differential pressure gauge function from the pressure chamber without the use of mechanical seals.

Unlike ordinary pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges manufactured by Orange Research can indicate small values of differential pressure even when used at high line pressures. Orange Research differential pressure switches are supplied with reed switches or relays to initiate alarms, activate other equipment, or shut the system down. Two switches are installed when high and low limit control is desired.

Orange Research has developed a series of differential pressure transmitters with the ability to transmit data signals. The microprocessor based instruments are equipped with unique Hall effect sensors that convert the differential pressure gauges' normal magnetic movements into electric signals. After processing, the DP gauge units provide analog output for remote location monitoring. Since the usual pointer-and-dial gauges continue to operate, local station readout is always available.

Users can select current or voltage outputs. Orange Research manufactures our differential pressure gauges, switches and transmitters to meet customer requirements.

Orange Research designs and manufacturers differential pressure gauges, switches and transmitters in the USA.