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Differential Pressure Flow

Differential pressure flow (DP flow) is still the most popular method of measuring liquids and gases, especially in large pipes. In-line flow meters can be very expensive.

differential pressure flow measurement

How Differential Pressure Flow Measurement Works

A differential pressure gauge connected to the inlet and outlet of a primary flow element, such as an orifice plate or venturi, represents a simple and cost effective method of monitoring flow. Connect the high pressure side to the inlet of the flow element and the low pressure side to the outlet, and the flow rate is easily read on a differential pressure gauge analog dial. Switches and transmitters allow for remote measurement of the differential pressure flow rate.

Bernoulli's law tells us that flow rate is proportional to the square root of differential pressure. This connection between pressure and flow is a simple calculation that enables the most popular and cost effective method of measuring flow in many applications. Imagine the high cost of an in-line flow meter on a 24-inch pipe. Compare that to the cost of installing a simple orifice plate, or any method of creating a slight pressure drop, or pressure increase, and you have a solution that can save hundreds of dollars.

A Differential Pressure Flow Solution

Orange Research supplies differential pressure gauges, switches and transmitters for differential pressure flow measurement. Consider the combination of a differential pressure gauge with switch or transmitter for both local and remote indication of conditions. Or select an electronic DP flow measurement solution with no local gauge readout. Normal and hazardous location versions are available. Simply inform us of the flow rate, and the differential pressure that rate is based on, and we can supply the proper output on the gauge or in the electronics.

Orange Research has supplied our popular model 1516 differential pressure gauge for effective and reliable DP flow measurement for many years. We recently added a flow element to our 1516 to offer a fully integrated differential pressure flow meter that handles up to 200GPM flow rates.

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