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Orange Research Flow Meters vs. Rotameters

Wherever you find fluid flowing in a process you’re likely to find rotameters. Why not? They’re great… well, until they don’t match your application! For those occasions when rotameters do not fit the application, Orange Research may have a solution.


Orange Research variable-area flow meters have large, bright, easy-to-read dials. They can be a refreshing alternative to rotameters that have become coated with the dirt and particulate from the process fluid, making it difficult to see the float. In addition, many rotameters have smaller markings that sometimes take eyeglasses to read, like some thermometers. Under bright lights rotameters often have reflections that compound the readability issue. Being round, they can concentrate light directly at the user’s eyes, often from many angles.

Even if you can see the float in the rotameter tube there’s the question of what part of the float you take the reading from: the top, the bottom, or is there some line on the float that the user should be looking for? Orange Research meters have a bold black tapered pointer, similar to those found on pressure gauges, that easily directs the user to the proper reading, with no questions.

Orange Research flow dials, up to 4.5 inches in diameter, are bright white with bold black markings and can be easily customized. With standard options such as a red arc to identify alarm conditions, or multicolor arcs for multi-stage conditions or even with a custom logo, it is easy to ensure the customer has a say in how the flow rate is presented.

Mounting in Any Orientation

Orange Research flow meters, with spring-loaded sensors, can be mounted in any orientation, unlike rotameters, which must be mounted vertically with upward flow only. Vertical only mounting can severely limit flexibility of design and often results in extra piping & fittings to accommodate the limited mounting options.

orange research flow meters vs. rotameters

High Pressure

The variable-area flow meters from Orange Research also offer higher pressure ratings. Most rotameters can only handle up to about 150psi. Orange Research meters handle up to 5,000psi! With pressure housings machined from solid metal blocks, they withstand pressures from almost any process.

Orange Research 2200, 2300 and 2400 series flow meters measure from 0-1 to 0-30GPM. Dial sizes are 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 inches. Our 2500 series flow meters measure from 0-5GPM to 0-200GPM. Switches & transmitters are standard options.

Orange Research Flow Meters

Orange Research flow meters are available in a variety of sizes and pressures to meet your specifications. Please contact us for more information, or view our flow meter models.


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