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Flow Transmitters


Check 2 wire transmitter for 4-20mA output
Check 3 wire transmitter for 0-5V output
Check With or without local indicators
Check Flow transmitters can handle up to 5,000psi

Flow transmitter sensors

High Pressure Flow Transmitters

Orange flow transmitters handle working pressures to 5,000psi. Machined from solid blocks of metal, the flow transmitter pressure bodies protect sensitive, repeatable sensors within a rugged, protective housing. A magnetic sensor relays slight changes in pressure to the electronics, which amplify and linearize the signal. Changes in flow conditions can be monitored remotely.

Flow Transmitter Voltage or Current Output

One flow transmitter unit can be wired for either voltage or current output. Two wire for loop power (4-20mA) use offers more flexibility…there is no need to bring a separate power line to the unit. Installation time and costs are reduced. For voltage outputs (0-5 volt) 3 wire use is required.

Add Local Indication

These flow transmitters can be configured with or without dials. Many times an easy-to-read gauge is a separate instrument to be specified. Our flow transmitters have a gauge option which allows for local and remote monitoring! Up to 4.5 inch dials are available, which can be read from over 75 feet away.

Advantages Over Rotameters

  • High line pressures (to 5,000 psi)
  • Mount in any orientation, not just vertical
  • Easy to read dial option - especially with dirty or opaque fluids

Built for industrial applications, our flow transmitters feature a weatherproof enclosure that protect the electronics with Class 1, Div 2, Nema 4X & IP 65 ratings.

Flow Transmitter Applications:

  • Coolers & Chillers
  • Flow
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Anywhere Pressure Drop is an Issue


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