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Differential Pressure Gauge Manufacturer.

A History of Filters, Flow & Differential Pressure Measurement

For more than 5 decades, Orange Research has delivered rugged, reliable solutions for flow and differential pressure measurement. We are a recognized world leader in differential pressure gauges, flow gauges, switches, transmitters and a wide variety of differential pressure measurement and monitoring solutions.

The company's beginnings are rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Les Hoffman. An innovative engineer working in an old New England style barn in his backyard, Les' enthusiastic, high-energy approach led him to develop the "Filter Fink". This indicator would tell the user when a filter needed to be cleaned or replaced.

Soon Les developed solutions for flow and level applications using a similar differential pressure gauge design. Those early ideas developed into an extensive line of differential pressure measurement products, including gauges, switches and transmitters. Within a few years Orange Research had several distributors and customers nationwide, with a concentration in oil and gas, petrochemical, fluid power, compressors and cryogenic tanks.

Differential Pressure Measurement Filter Fink

Flow gauges with switches and flow transmitter options, utilizing the same magnetic sensor, were then developed to measure liquid or air flow. The product line grew quickly, expanding the customer base along with the types of industries that Orange Research was able to serve.

Today Orange Research remains a family-owned business, located in Milford, Connecticut, about an hour drive from New York City. We continue to manufacture the highest quality differential pressure and flow measurement products, including differential pressure gauges, flow gauges, and transmitters that are recognized for precision and reliability.

Contact us today for more on our flow and differential pressure measurement and monitoring products. Our staff of engineers, manufacturing personnel and customer service professionals are ready to deliver the solutions you need for your application.


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