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Mini Cryogenic Level
Gauges & Transmitters

Miniature Model 1020


Check Small compact design
Check Frictionless magnetic movement
Check Solid metal pressure body
Check 25 and 70mm dials


Check Low cost alternative
Check Save on weight and space
Check Withstands shock and vibration
Check Popular on beverage tanks

Mini Cryogenic LeveL Specifications:

How To Order

Model Range Accuracy Max Press Max Temp Output Specifications
1020DI 0-25 to 0-275"H2O 5% 1000psig 200F (93C) NA Download   Download
1020DIT (T3) 0-25 to 0-275"H2O 10% 1000psig 176F (80C) 4-20mA & 0-5V Download Download Download
1020DT(T5&6) 0-30 to 0-160"H2O 5% 1000psig 176F (80C) 4-20mA & 0.5-4.5V Download Download Download

D=Diaphragm  G=Gauge   T=Transmitter

Mini Cryogenic Level Overview

The many features available on our standard model 1516 have been stripped out to provide you with a low-cost, OEM version that will fit your budget. It's the same rugged design, but smaller, with fewer features and offers big savings.

Orange Research mini cryogenic level gauges and transmitters are popular in applications that require lower costs, such as on CO2 beverage tanks and many smaller liquid cylinders. Lightweight, with a smaller profile, our mini cryo level gauges and transmitters provide an economical solution for smaller tank level measure.

Tank Level Applications:

  • Liquid Cylinders
  • Beverage Tanks
  • Microbulk & Bulk Tank Telemetry

Same Rugged Cryo Level Gauge Design

Our model 1020 "mini" cryogenic level gauges are built from machined blocks of metal, just like the standard sized models. Made of anodized aluminum, they withstand pressures to 1000psi and the same difficult weather conditions.

This unique design also incorporates the same frictionless magnetic movement found in the larger 1516 models, so they handle shock and vibration during transport as well as abuse the cylinders may take.

Orange Research Gauges vs. Float Gauges

We often receive calls from people who are fed up with cheaper plastic float gauges that crack, have linkage problems or simply stop working for a number of reasons. Often the float gauge tubes are found to be bent, at the top of the tank or within the tank, which immediately renders them inoperable.

The top of many liquid cylinders are relatively fragile. Components protrude from the tank leaving them susceptible to damage caused by bumps, blows or careless abuse. The tank handling ring does little to protect these components. Sometimes costly elaborate covers that limit readability are even placed on the floatgauges to protect the fragile components. We hear this over and over again from many tank users and tank manufacturers. Many companies are designing out the floats for a reliable 1020 model which can withstand the abuse and difficult transport conditions.

Mini Cryogenic Level Gauge Features

Our 1020 cryogenic level gauge models come with a 25mm or 70mm dial. The 25mm dial is a red/green arc dial that tells you when it's time to call for a tank refill. The 70mm dial offers a number of calibrated points to give greater detail on the amount of liquid in the tank.

A popular scale for the 70mm dial has marks of E, ¼, ½, ¾ and F…like a car gas tank. This is an easy-to-read low cost indicator.


A level transmitter output of 0-5Volts or 4-20mA is available on gauge models. We also offer a stand-alone transmitter with no indicator.

Orders & Quick Questions Form

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How to Order

Select from each of the applicable categories to construct a model number, and write down the model number for future reference. If you are reordering you must supply the Part Number from your instrument label. Contact Orange Research or local Orange Research distributors for additional options and pricing information.


Sample Model Number

1020DI - 4A - 1M - T5 - 0-40 inches H20 - Oxygen Cleaned


Model Body Dial case Transmitter Pressure range (psi*) Options
1A = 1/8" NPT
side ports
4A= 1/8" NPT
back ports
5A= 1/8" NPT
bottom ports

Note: A = aluminum
1M = 1" molded

2.5M = available on
T3= 4-20mA
T5= 0.5-4.5V
T6= 4-20mA
1020DI Breakpoints (70% mark):
Inches H2O:
0-25, 0-30, 0-35, 0-40, 0-45,
0-50, 0-60, 0-80, 0-100, 0-150,
0-200, 0-250

1020DIT & DT Ranges:
Inches H2O:
0-30, 0-35, 0-40, 0-45, 0-50, 0-60,
0-80, 0-100, 0-150, 0-200, 0-250
Note: DT also includes 0-25"
Oxygen Cleaned

Diaphragm & seals: (Buna-N standard)
Viton (included in O2 cleaned units)

WARNING: This product contains Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to: www.p65warnings.ca.gov